Knock Off Gucci Handbags: The Wrong Choice

When comparing fake Gucci bags with genuine Gucci bags, you'll find several differences:

  1. A replica Gucci bag will likely arrive looking shabby, worn, and tarnished, or it might even be broken and ripped.
  2. Counterfeit Gucci bags are usually made with cheap, flimsy materials, which is the reason some counterfeiters offer knock off Gucci at a ridiculously low price. A low price like that usually means low quality, and you are likely to replace the fake Gucci bag within only a few days.
  3. A counterfeiter probably will not treat customers with much respect. Oftentimes, selling replica Gucci bags becomes part of elaborate lies and manipulation, all to ensure you give away your credit-card information.

It is easy to see that counterfeit Gucci handbags are generally inferior to genuine Gucci products in every way. Read on to learn more about why you and others should avoid replica Gucci bags and tell others, too, that a knock off Gucci bag will probably not live up to their expectations.

The Economic Consequences of Knock off Gucci Bags

  1. Buying knock–off Gucci bags is not as harmless as you think it is. Manufactures deliberately hit you where you are most vulnerable. They point out the cost advantage. That and a popular brand name are the bait used to reel you in. The economic backlash of selling knock-off Gucci is conveniently swept under the carpet.
  2. A country whose citizens don’t think twice before buying a knock-off Gucci, deter Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). If you are sceptical, try googling, ‘how counterfeiting affects FDI’. How do expect major investors to trust a country that is unable to protect someone’s intellectual property rights?
  3. Knock-off Gucci bags have a great advantage over other legitimate businesses in the field. The combination of rock-bottom prices and the use of a well known brand name – illegal though it is – is a lethal weapon. Unable to withstand the competition, these honest tax-paying businesses are driven to bankruptcy - contributing to the downward spiral of the economy.
  4. The tentacles of counterfeiting are seeking to destroy several aspects of e-commerce. Governments and customs officials are taking a dim view of people owing and selling knock-off Gucci.

Now that you know the ill-effects of knock-off Gucci bags on your country’s economy, can you still justify buying it?