Gucci Fights Back Against Fake Gucci Bags

Gucci spends most of its time, money and energy making high-quality, genuine Gucci handbags for consumers, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Gucci has cultivated a reputation based on these principles, which is why Gucci is saddened to see the Gucci name being used to harm consumers with the sale of counterfeit Gucci bags.

Luckily, Gucci has been vigilant and quick to respond, and Gucci continues to fight back against counterfeiters and the sale of fake Gucci handbags. But you, the consumer, must do your part to protect yourself, as well.

Visit the official Gucci website to buy genuine Gucci bags and wallets. Gucci's official website is the only places on the Internet you can be sure you aren't buying knock off Gucci bags.

You can also visit one of Gucci's many boutiques, located conveniently around the world. Here you can see and feel what a real Gucci bag is like, and you will never again consider a replica Gucci bag again.

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