More Reasons To Avoid Counterfeit Gucci Handbags

If you still remain unconvinced that counterfeit Gucci bags will likely be a bad choice, read a few more interesting facts:

  • Gucci uses the finest materials available to create its luxurious handbags, including fine Italian leather. A replica Gucci bag is usually the product of an enormous effort to keep costs low, which means the materials are probably of a poor quality, and the durability and longevity of your knock off Gucci bag suffers as a result.
  • Gucci has some of the highest standards in the industry, which means each and every bag is thoroughly inspected before it reaches the customer. A counterfeiter, in cutting costs, probably does not have the ability, time or incentive to check every fake Gucci bag, and, as explained before, the quality suffers and you might receive a cheap, useless counterfeit Gucci handbag.
  • The way you present yourself on the outside reflects who you are on the inside. Carrying a replica Gucci bag or a fake Gucci handbag, which can often be easily spotted, sends the wrong message.
  • Paying taxes is an alien concept to people selling counterfeit Gucci. The government needs tax money for development.
  • Counterfeit Gucci is a deterrent to Foreign direct Investment and hence the economic growth of your country.
  • Studies show that one of the fallouts of counterfeit Gucci and counterfeiting in general is loss of jobs. The statistics will shock you - 380,000 in U.K alone.
  • These facts should convince you to stay away from counterfeit Gucci.